Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why Some Chinese Have Single Eyelid and Others Double Eyelid?

In the previous blog, I looked at the anatomical differences between East Asian and Caucasian eyelids to explain the absence and presence of doube eyelids (skin reases). Now we look at why some East Asians have single eyelids and other have double eyelids. Again this can be explained by the insertions of the levator muscles (the muscles that open the eyelids) into the eyelid skins. In East Asians with single eyelids, the levator muscles are inserted into the skin either weakly or very low near the eyelashes. Whereas those with doube eyelids, the muscles are inserted strongly and higher above the eyelashes. To demonstrate these anatomical differences, Dr Ngo with single eyelids and Dr Brian Teo with double eyelids kindly agree to be the models.

The low insertion of the levator explains
why Dr Ngo has single eyelid.

The higher insertion of the levator explains
why Dr. Teo has double eyelids.

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