Sunday, May 31, 2015

Repair of a Shortened Eye with Blinker Effect

This man sustained multiple laceration of the left outer eyelid 6 months ago in a motorcycle accident. The wound was poorly repaired giving rise to apparent shortening of the left eye and a blinker effect (see pictures 1 - 3).

Picture 1. The left outer corner is covered by the skin due to
 poor reconstruction making the eye looks smaller.

Picture 2. The covering of the left outer corner of the eye
gives rise to a blinker effect.

Picture 3. A blinker on a race horse to direct the vision forward.

There are several methods for correcting such defects. However, as this defect resembles epicanthal fold in the inner corner of the eye (see picture 4), I decided to correct the defect using skin redraping method. This has the advantage of minimal scaring. The steps of the procedure are as shown below (picture 5).
Picture 4. Epicanthal folds before and after epicanthoplasty
using the skin redraping method.

Picture 5. Steps of skin redraping. 
Special thanks to Dr Yew Yen Harn and Dr Lausanne Chua for assisting 
the operation and taking the photos.

Picture 6. Before and after the  reconstruction.