Thursday, August 30, 2018

Double Eyelids for a 5-year-old Boy

Not all double eyelid surgery (Asian blepharoplasty) are done for aesthetic purposes. This 5-year-old boy had a long history of eye irritation and blurred vision. Examination showed ingrowing eyelashes exacerbated by his puffy eyelids and lack of skin creases (double eyelids). I created low skin creases (for boys double eyelids should be made low and girls higher) and everted the eyelashes. The creation of skin creases (double eyelids) not only made the eyes appear bigger but also prevent the upper eyelid skin from coming over the eyes and push the eyelashes inwards. The operation was done under general anaesthesia and the lower pictures were taken 6 months later.

Monday, August 20, 2018

An elderly man with droopy eyelids

This 75-year-old had ptosis (droopy eyelids due to weak levator muscles) since since young. He did not seek help as he was able to see by lifting his head slightly. However, over the last 5 years, he was unable to see well even by lifting his chin by 45 degrees. This was because the ptosis has been compounded by dermatochalasis (droopy eyelids due to excess upper eyelid skin). To improve his vision, bilateral upper blepharoplasty was combined with frontalis suspension. The bottom picture was taken at 4 weeks follow-up.