Friday, February 2, 2018

Relationship between skin crease and ptosis surgery

The show of double eyelids (the amount of double eyelids visible when the patient look ahead) after ptosis correction is best illustrated in this patient. This patient had bilateral droopy eyelids and multiple skin creases (top picture). However, she attributed her sleepy appearance to indistjnct double eyelids. When the droopy eyelids was pointed out to her she agreed to have ptosis correction via posterior approach. The double eyelid heights were set at her original skin creases at about 7mm (middle photo, the blue dots indicate the height of the skin crease set). After the operations, she no longer appeared sleepy but was unhappy that her double eyelids were barely visible. The reason for this is because the patient had associated dermatochalasis (excess skin) which covered the skin creases (double eyelids). To make the double eyelids visible, the excess skin above the skin crease need to be excised for this patient.