Sunday, March 18, 2012

Allergy to Tapes for Double Eyelids

There are several non-surgical methods of creating double eyelids to make the eyes bigger. The most common ones are using glues and tapes. However, no everybody finds these methods satisfactory for several reasons: a. time consuming; b. failure to form double eyelids in those with excessive skin or puffy upper eyelids and c. contact dermatitis (skin allergy to the glues or tapes).

This young girl had been using tapes for years to create double eyelids. Recently, she started to develop itchy eyelids whenever she used tapes despite switching to different brands.

Sore and red skin from glue and tape application.

Examination shows inflammation and excoriations as a result of contact dermatitis.
Contact dermatitis made obvious after
removing eye make-up.

As the patient finds it difficult not to use eye make-up because of her profession as a beautician, double eyelids were created using the incision technique.

One-week post eyelid surgery.