Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turning Single Eyelid into Double Eyelid

This blog is the continuation of "Live Anatomy of a Single Eyelid" showing how I suture the eyelid to form the double eyelid. As I mentioned earlier, patient with single eyelid the levator muscle (the muscle that open the eye) is attached to the eyelid skin at a lower site compared with those with double eyelids. To create the double eyelid, the muscle need to be reattached at a higher site. To achieve this, the fat in between the skin and the muscles should first be cleared to give good exposure. Only then, the muscle is sutured (or attached) to the skin to form the double eyelid. The pictures were kindly taken by Terence Lim.

The levator muscle is sutured to the orbicularis. This step is
optional but I find it increases the success rate.

The skin is now stitched to the levator at several points to
form the new attachment

At the end of stitchings. The double eyelid appears higher
but this is caused by a combination of swelling and stitching
and will resolve over the next two weeks.

Pictures of this patient will be shown here as she recovers. The following pictures belong to two patients that I did earlier this year using the incision techniques shown here. I will discuss the suture techniques in my future blog. 

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