Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am too Sexy for My Passport

After eyelid surgery, some patients prefer to take a long holiday away from friends so that upon their return there was few signs left to suggest the lids had been operated. Usually, this is no a problem if one travels within Malaysia but for those who wish to travel to countries where visa are acquired the newly acquired eyelids can cause problem as their facial features can differ greatly from their passport photos.
This old man underwent upper eyelid surgery to remove the excess skin that covered his vision. After the operation, he decided to travel to China for a long break, however, the embassy refused to issue him a visa as his face did not match that of his passport. The visa was eventually issued after he obtained a medical report from my clinic stating he had had eyelid surgery. However, on the way out of China he was once again detained at the custom for suspected identitiy theft.

Before and after eyelid surgery.

I now routinely advise patients who have significant post-operative alterations in their facial appearance to change their passport photos as soon as possible to avoid problems at the customs. Otherwise, a holiday in Genting Highland is as good and I don't say this just because I have shares in Genting Casino.

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