Saturday, January 23, 2016

Not Something an Oculoplastic Surgeon Likes to See - Part 4

The patient discussed earlier was advised to return for prosthesis fitting but defaulted. Below was another patient who underwent exenteration 2 years earlier. He also suffered from conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma and was treated with radiotherapy on the recommendation of another ophthalmologist. However, the tumour continued to spread and CT scans showed invasion of the orbital content including the extraocular muscles and optic nerve. He was referred to the oculoplastic clinic for further management and a decision was made for exenteration. He was fitted with a reasonable prosthesis at 18 months with the help of the dental department. 

Left invasive squamous cell carcinoma. 

CT scans showing orbital invasion. 

Exenteration of all orbital contents. 

One day post-exenteration. 

5 month post-exenteration. 

18 month post-exenteration. 

Prosthesis for post-exenteration socket. 

Anterior view of the prosthesis. 

Posterior view of the prosthesis. 


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