Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Fruitful Day :)

A fruitful day, 7 eyelid cases on the list in SGH today. Did three biopsies and two eyelid reconstructions, left epiblepharon and syringing and probing to the junior. One cataract surgery in the pm on a 83 year-old, a bit of struggle as patient had pseudoexfoliation syndrome with small pupil and subluxated lens but the end all ended well. 


  1. Dr Chua, was it an orbital part of lacrimal gland? Is septum repair usually required? How soon do you get the histopath results? Tnx

  2. It is the orbital part of the lacrimal gland, septum repair is not needed as it may cause contracture leading to ectropion. The patient has bilateral lacrimal gland swelling worse on the right side. I suspect this is lympho hyperplasia and gave periorbital triamcinolone post op. The histopathology usually takes about one week as the operation was done in a government hospital. If the histology shows lymphoma, I would usually refer the patient to the haematologist for further treatment otherwise patient will be put on steroid.