Thursday, January 28, 2016

Inject in Haste, Repent at Leisure - Part 1

Some sensible persons may never think twice when the beauticians tell them their faces can be enhanced with special injections. Unfortunately, many faces are ruined due to injections of harmful substances chiefly silicone. The best advice to those who want to have injections done in beauty saloon is "Don't" as these places are unlicensed for invasive procedure and one never know what are in those injections.
This young professional underwent bilateral cheek injections in a beauty saloon three years ago and since then developed bilateral cheek swellings with discoloration resembling festoons seen in older patients. She had sought various treatment including hyalurodinase injection, steroid injection and laser resurfacing but with little effect. 

Bilateral cheek swellings and discoloration after injection 
of unknown substances in a beauty saloon. 

Festoon seen in an older patient.

After discussing with the patients and pros and cons of surgical treatment, the offending parts of the cheeks were surgically removed. During the operations, the subcutaneous tissues were noted to contain multiple small shiny droplets. When pricked, the droplets contained sticky substances which may be silicone oil.
Marking of areas to be excised.

Shiny droplets in the subcutaneous tissues.

Three days post-excision.

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