Friday, January 8, 2016

Doc, can Anything be Done about My Eye? Part 1

This patient was born with a left absent upper eyelid and eyebrow and the eyeball was covered by a thin layer of skin. The left eye has no light perception but the right eye has normal vision. Her family asks if anything could be done about her condition.

Absent left upper eyelid and the eye covered by a thin layer of skin. 
A left partial cryptophthalmos.

This is a case of partial cryophthalmos in which there is a failure of upper eyelid formation. The structure of the eyeball is often malformed and therefore any surgical procedure to try and restore the vision invariably fail. However, in this case the creation of an upper eyelid may be attempted to restore some semblance of upper eyelid. After explaining to the patient the need to undergo two separate length procedures, the patient agrees to the procedures. 

A child born with complete cryptophthalmos. 
Note absence of any eyelids and eyelashes.

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