Sunday, January 2, 2011

Botched Dobble Eyelid Surgery by Phony Surgeon and How to Check the Validity of Your Doctor

This unfortunate woman came to see me a few months ago after a botched double eyelid surgery performed by a "doctor". Examination showed that she had unequal double eyelid heights and the double eyelids were too deep with unsightly scars. In addition, she had sunken orbit as a result of too much orbital fat being removed. She returned to the doctor but was told he did what she wanted and he could not see any problems.

When I asked her about the doctor, she produced a name card which showed the doctor had an oversea qualification. I began to smell a rat when she told me that he performed the procedure in his wife's beauty salon. I searched for the doctor name in the Malaysian Medical Council Register and could not locate his name. It is bad enough for ignorant people to have double eyelid surgery performed in beauty salon without proper sterilization and worse still for some crooks pretending to be doctors and peform invasive procedures.

If you want to find out if your doctor is genuine, you may visit the Malaysian Medical Council and enter his/her name to verify his qualification.


  1. hi CN,
    Have you reported this to the MMC? The patient should make a police report as well.

  2. Hello,
    Apparently this so-called doctor has been doing these procedures for a few years. I have told the patient she should report the case personally, so far I have not seen her yet to find out how things are going. If I report the case and the patient refuses to collaborate I would look stupid ;).
    Regards and Happy 2001.