Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Friday Presentation in UNIMAS

This Friday (14th Jan, 2011) is the turn of the Eye Department of UNIMAS to give a lecture to the faculty. After juggling with the topics (Double eyelid surgery, Eyelid Reconstruction, Sleepy Eyes, Recent Advances in Cataract Surgery etc), I decide to give a talk on eyebags and dark circles entitled: "All you need to know about eyebags and dark circles" in the Main Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor, UNIMAS Medical School. All are welcomed, the talk will review all the common procedures for eyebag surgery including transcutaneous, transconjunctival, fat repositioning, pinch blepharoplasty, fillers for tear trough and different treatment options for dark circles and how effective are there.  

This Friday talk.

Previous Talk.

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