Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do Caucasians Need Double Eyelid Surgery?

Almost all Caucasians are born with double eyelids so one may assume that they don't need double eyelids to make their eyes bigger. However, you may be surprised that some Caucasians undergo eyelid surgery to make their double eyelids even higher as these are thought to make them more glamorous. These so-called "Hollywood blepharoplasty" used to be popular amongst leading Hollywood actresses in th 50s and 60s and the most famous of which is Marilyn Monroe. To achieve these Hollywood double eyelids, the surgeons would remove orbital fat to make the eye sunken and suture the skin creases excessively high so that the patient would have some degrees of droopy eyelids. That may be why Marilyn Monroe always has a sleepy look.

Nowaday these looks are thankfully out of fashion, all the Hollywood movies would be full of sleepy beauties. Nonetheless, the height of the skin creases used to confer audience and director impression of the actress and got them tyecasted. A high skin creases gives the impression of a larger eye opening and accentuates the expression of the upper lid and much favored by leading actresses playing seductress. A low skin crease, in contrast, gives the eye a narrow and rather expressionless look. However, this can give mystery and intrigue to some actresses making them prime choice for mystery movies.

Marlene Dietrich (right) with her high double eyelids always played
seductress whereas Laura Bacall with her low double eyelids always 
casted as the woman of mystery.

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