Friday, December 31, 2010

Botched Double Eyelid Surgery in Beauty Salon

This 50 year-old woman presented with bilateral droopy eyelids and unequal double eyelids. She underwent double eyelid surgery in a beauty salon two years ago. Suture technique was employed. She noticed the two eyelid were not right the next day and returned to the beautician for advice. However, she was told that her eyes were normal. Since the operation, she has been reluctant to go out for fear of being ridiculed.

In order to correct the problems, the double eyelids need to be re-operated using the incision technique to lower and balance the double eyelids. It is illegal for non-trained personnel to perform medical procedure in Malaysia, unfortunately, the law is not well enforced. Consequently, there are many botched surgery being performed in beauty salons for quick profit. I shall show more of such cases in future blogs.

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