Sunday, December 12, 2010

Antique Prints Showing Eyelid Cancers

Eyelid cancers have been known since ancient time, however, due to the lack of medical knowledge coupling with primitive medical practises most of these cases just grew and grew causing significant facial disfigurement. Many of these patients eventually died from the diseases. Here are four antique prints showing eyelid cancers from the Wellcome Trust in London.
A Chinese woman with a large left eye tumour
which covered the whole eye. Cause unknown.

A tumour arising from the eyelid which grew
to cover the left eye. The exact cancer is unknown.

The left eye is covered by a fungating tumour
said to be an osteoma.
A basal cell carcinoma (rodent or Jacobi ulcer)
had eaten away the tissue in and around the
right eye

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