Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Common Presentations of Eyelid Cancers - the Straight Forward Cases.

As the only oculoplastic surgeon in Sarawak (population 2.5 millions), I have the opportunities to see a variety of eyelid cancers. Fortunately, most of the cases could be removed with straight forward recostructions that don't have to test my surgical skills to the limit. Here are a selected cases I came across in the last year. All of them show the same features of tissue destruction with easy bleeding and loss of eyelashe. I shall show the techniques I used to reconstruct the tissue defects. However, it is important to bear in mind that as my oculoplastic teacher Miss Jones used to say at the end of the day no matter how good the recontruction is the complete removal of the tumour should take precedence. More complicated eyelid tumours will follow in the future blog.

Case 1: A 65 year-old man with a skin lesion with recurrent

Case 2: A 62 year-old woman with a nodular lesion and
easy bleeding on rubbing.

Case 3: A 72 year-old man with a left skin ulcer and recurrent
watering eye. He had had excision performed one year ago
in another centre and the report showed the tumour, basal
cell carcinoma was not completely removed.

Case 4: A 58 year-old man with a large dark nodule which
bled easily.

Case 5: A 61 year-old man with a left lower eyelid cancer.

Case 6: A 53 year-old man with a left lower eyelid skin lesion
that failed to heal despite antibiotic.

Case 7: A 79 year-old man with a left lower eyelid white patch
with loss of eyelashes.A biopsy in a private centre showed it
to be squamous cell carcinoma.

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