Monday, December 27, 2010

Case 2: Excision of Basal Cell Carcinoma with Reconstruction

This patient has a lesion on the nasal side of her right eyelid which bled easily on contact. A biopsy confirmed basal cell carcinoma. Fortunately, the lesion was a distance away from the punctum (the holes that drain the tear) otherwise there was a risk of the tumour spreading into the deep structure. The resulting defect was covered using rotation flap.

A lesion on the nasal side of the right eye.

The tumour was marked with 3mm margin to ensure sufficient
excision of the tumour without leaving behind any tumour cells.

The defect was covered with a rotation flap.

The rotation flap was created to cover the defect.

The defect was partially covered by the flap. The remaining
defect was closed directly.

At the conclusion of reconstruction.

Diagrams showing the principle of rotation flap.

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