Monday, October 25, 2010

Surgery to restore one's ethnicity.

In my last post, I mention the importance of not radically alternating the shape of a Chinese eyes to make them lose their ethnicity. However, there are occasions when I got requests from patients who want to change the shape of their eyes so that they can blend in with their racial group. The requests usually come from young Malay girls who are born with indistintive skin creases so that they appear Chinese (some of them have one parent Chinese). They are often mistaken as Chinese unless they wear their Tudongs. Of course some well-known celebrities use their exotic (Eurasian) looks to their career advantages but for a lof of people they prefer to blend in with their cultural background and are unhappy to appear racially ambiguous.

Below are some of the celebrities benefited from their exotic looks.

This Malay girl was unhappy to be constantly mistaken for Chinese and spoken to in Chinese. So I perform a double eyelid surgery to restore her Malay identity.

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