Friday, October 22, 2010

Eyelid tumour

Eye surgeons who also specialize in eyelid surgry are called oculoplastic surgeons. Many people think that oculoplastic surgeons only perform cosmetic eyelid surgery such as double eyelid (Asian blepharoplasty a bit more of this later in the blog), in actual fact, we also operate on potential life threatening or disfiguring conditions (again more cases will be shown later in this blog) such as eyelid tumours. Here is a 78 year-old patient whom I saw 10 weeks ago with a large tumour eating away the lower eyelid. This tumour is basal cell carcinoma and if untreated can slowly eat away the whole eye. I excised the tumour and after making sure the tumour is completely removed, the eyelid was recontructed using the skin and muscle (myocutaneous flap) to cover the defect. 10 weeks later apart from the scar which would disappear with time, the eyelid is free of tumour and is functionaing well.

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