Friday, February 18, 2011

Two Challenging Eyelid Cases

When I returned to work on Monday after a long Chinese New Year holiday, I was referred these two interesting and challenging cases to test my oculoplastic skills. Both cases had been operated on Thursday and I shall relate the procedure for each case separately in my next blogs and report the progress.

The first case was a 6 year-old girl from upper Rajang River who developed shingle (herpes zoster) in August, 2010. As the family lived far from any medical facilities, the girl receives no medical treatment. Over the next three weeks, as she recovered, she developed scarring of the upper eyelid and pain in the eye. The parents noticed that she was unable to shut her left eye while asleep. It was not until February, 2011 that they could afford to come to Sibu for a consultation. Unfortunately, there was no surgeons there who could reconstruct the eyelid so she was referred to my private clinic. Because the parents could not afford the private medical fee, so I referred her to my government clinic in Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching.

The second case was a road traffic accident victim who lost 3/4 of his right upper eyelid. The doctor in the peripheral hospital could not manage the case so he was referred to my oculoplastic clinic in Kuching.

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