Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ways of Repairing Lost Upper Eyelid

 The traumatic loss of upper eyelid in this patient can be repaired by a variety of methods. Some are more complicated than the others and some may need more than one stage to complete the repair. As this patient lives in Kalimantan, there is a chance that he may default from follow-up so it is important to choose the appropriate method.
I shall show the pictures in my next blog of the method I had chosen for him. Before then, here are some of the methods which may be used to repair the loss upper eyelid. The first two pictures show the one-stage methods in which the repairs are ompleted in one procedure. The last two pictures show the two-stage methods in which the patients need to return for another procedure to complete the repair.

One-stage procedure: Posterior lamellar graft with local myocutaneous flap.

One-stage procedure: Reverse Tenzel's flap

Two-stage procedure: Pedicle flap from lower lid.

Two-stage procedure: Cutler-Beard's technique.

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