Monday, November 12, 2012

One of the Many Suture Techniques for Double Eyelids

There are many different ways of doing suture techniques, the one shown here is one such method using three 6/0 nylon sutures.
Diagrams showing the placements of the sutures.

Steps in suture techniques:
a. 4 incisions are made on the eyelids.
b, c & d. A curved needle with 6/0nylon is passed full
thickness through one incised area and out through another;
e. The needle is then passed partial thickness through the skin
from the exit site to where the needle initially entered;
 f & g. The suture is tightned;
h. 2 more sutures are similar passed through the lids.

Before & after using the above technique.
Before & after photos using the above technique.

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