Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oculoplastic Surgeons Must be Experts in Jigsaw Puzzles

One of the common referrals to oculoplastic surgeons is severe eyelid trauma needing meticulous repair. The defect may be partial or full thickness and careful inspection usually reveals that slowly piecing the remnants together like a jigsaw puzzle will correct the repair. Failure to put the pieces together can lead not only to poor cosmesis but affect the proper functions of the eyes such as causing watering eyes and pain from eye exposure.

The pictures below show eyelids that had been badly repaired by doctors who were definitely not good jigsaw puzzle players.

Poorly repaired lower eyelid trauma referred
for reconstruction.

Another poorly repaired eyelid trauma. The left eye
was removed because the globe was badly
ruptured during an explosion accident.

The following cases show how traumatic eyelids should be pieced together like jigsaw puzzles to give reasonable to good cosmetic and functional results.

Severe eyelid trauma from fall.

The left upper eyelid was avulsed.

Immediately after repair.

Facial appearance at one month.

Repair of eyelid trauma from
road traffic accident.

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