Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Modified Technique for Double Eyelid Surgery - Partial Incision Technique

The two main techniques for creating double eyelids  are incisional technique and suture technique. Several modified techniques have been developed for the incisional technique in order to achieve the desirable results with faster recovery. These techniques include partial incision technique and mini-incision technique.  While these techniques sound exciting they are not suitable for all patients.  Those who have excess skin or very full upper eyelids (meaning fat removals are needed), the conventional incisional technique is still preferrable.

In the case of partial incisional technique, only the middle third of the lid is incised. This has the advantages of faster recovery and less scarring.

Comparing the incision for conventional
and partial incision.

During the operation, the tarsal plate or the levator muscle (the muscle that opens the eye)  is exposed. The muscle under the skin nearest to the eyelashes is then sutured to either the tarsal plate or the levator musclefter,  the skin is then closed.

Muscle sutured to the tarsal plate.

Muscle sutured to the levator.

A patient before and after partial incision.
The scar only scans 1/3 of the upper eyelid.

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  1. How long can this type of double eyelid last? And does it last longer than mini-incision technique? Thank you very much.