Sunday, February 21, 2016

Doc, Do I Need Operation on My Epicanthal Fold (aka epicanthoplasty, 開眼角) ? - Part 4

Most East Asian babies are born with type III epicanthal folds which gradually change to type II as the nasal bridges develop. Some children with prominent epicanthal folds may be misdiagnosed as having squint this appearance usually improve as the epicanthal folds (from Type III to II) evolve to reveal more of the eye white.

A boy with suspected squint turned out to have epicanthal folds covering the eye white.
 This is also called pseudo-strabismus. By pinching the nose, the eyes appear straight.

In some adults, probably due to low nasal bridges, the type III epicanthal folds can give rise to persistent squinting appearance. Operation on the epicanthal folds not only lengthen the eyes but remove this squinting appearance.

A patient with type III epicanthal folds giving an appearance of squinting. 
Epicanthoplasty was done together with filler rhinoplasty.

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