Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How Do I Know if the "Doctor" is Legal?

I saw two patients over the weekend who had had disastrous silicone injections performed by "doctors" in beauty saloon and hotel respectively. I asked them why they did not verify the credentials of these doctors before having something done to their face (Not that these "doctors" need their credentials verified as not decent doctors will perform surgery in beauty saloons or hotels as there are against the laws). But most of the public are ignorant of these and often pressured by agents into having unsafe procedures. In addition, most people don't know where and how to check if somebody is really a doctor.

Complications from silicone injections. Patient at the top had lower
 lid injections three years ago to give her good cheekbones but the 
silicone has migrated downward. Unlike hyaluronic acid which can 
be removed by injecting enzyme, silicone is integrated into the facial 
tissues and removal usually leaves scars. Patient at the bottom had lip 
silicone injection which got thicker with the passing 
of the years due to inflammation. 

In Malaysia, only doctor is allowed to carry out medical procedures. And all qualified doctors must register by laws with the Malaysian Medical Council. You can verify if the person is really a doctor by visiting:
and type in the real name of the doctor, if the name is not found the person is practising illegally in Malaysia. 

Hopefully these simple verifications can save some patients from life-long disfigurements. But again never have medical procedures in beauty saloons and hotels as they are not the safe places for surgery.

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