Thursday, August 29, 2013

Full Length Incision Double Eyelid Technique for Puffy Eyelids

Although there are many techniques described for the creation of double eyelids, the full length incision technique is still the gold standard in patients with puffy eyelids for permanent aesthetic results. In this post, the steps for full length incision double eyelid technique is discussed. In patients with puffy eyelids, the excess fat needs to be removed along the full length and failure to do so will create short and/or faint double eyelids and in many cases the double eyelids may disappear completely.
Full length double eyelid surgery. A. Before surgery. B. After marking. C. Excision of skin.
D. Excision of orbicularis muscle. E. Removal of the orbital septum.
F. Removal of the fat. G. Exposing the levator aponeurosis.
F. Double eyelid formed after removal the bulk of the puffy eyelid.

In order to create double eyelids, the skin needs to be sutured to the levator aponeurosis
which opens the eyelid (e). Before this can be achieved in a puffy eyelids,
the following structures need to be removed: skin(a); orbicularis muscle (b);
orbital septum (c) and fat (d).

35 year-old
Because of the amount of tissues that need to be removed in a puffy eyelid,
post-operative swelling tends to be more marked. The picture shows
 the recovery: A (before operation); B (two hours post-operative) and
C (10 days postoperative). The swelling will continue to subside
over the next two months but should be more or less normal
by the fourth week.

22 year-old
Before (top) and 3-week post full length double eyelid surgery.

27 year-old
Before (top) and 3-week post full length double eyelid surgery.

21 year-old
Before (top) and 4-week post full length double eyelid surgery.

48 year-old
Before (top) and 9-month after full length double eyelid surgery.

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  1. usually very long lasting. Upper eyelid surgery can last anywhere from five to seven years to an entire lifetime, while lower Eyelid surgery rarely needs to be done more than once.