Monday, August 26, 2013

Evolution of the Lower Lid Surgery VI

The picture above shows a patient with eyebags and prominent tear troughs.  
If only the fat is removed, the tear troughs can become accentuated
and give the eyes a hollow look. The patient below had had
transconjunctival (behind the eyelids) fat removal
and has a hollow look and prominent tear troughs.
The previous post mentioned the use of fillers to treat eyebags and tear troughs. However, the procedure is not permanent and would not be suitable for all patients. Some patients are unhappy after the injection because the lower eyelids will appear more swollen than before even though the unevenness is smoothed out.
For patients with eyebags and tear troughs who wish to have more lasting results, fat repositioning over the tear trough can achieve good results. In this procedure, the fat is only minimally removed and the remaining is sutured over the tear troughs.
Diagrams showing how the fat is being repositioned.

A patient undergoing fat respositioning (A). The area over the tear trough
is exposed and the fat is sutured to the area to obliterate
 the tear trough (B and C).
Appearance at one day (D) and at two weeks (E). 


Fat repositioning
Before (picture above )and 4 weeks after the operation (picture below).
Fat repositioning.  
Before (picture above )and 6 weeks after the operation (picture below).

Fat repositioning and double eyelid surgery.
Before (picture above )and 3 weeks after the operation (picture below).

Fat repositioning and upper blepharoplasty.
Before (picture above )and 2 weeks after the operation (picture below).
Fat repositioning and removal of excess upper eyelid skin.
Before (picture above )and 3 weeks after the operation (picture below).


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