Monday, October 22, 2012

Case 4: Doctor, Why Are My Double Eyelids Unequal?

Postopertive swelling is a common cause of asymmetrical double eyelids (skin creases). This occurs especially in patients who needed more tissues (skin, muscle or fat) removed from one eye than the other. The swelling is usually worst on the first post-operative day. Cold compress to the upper eyelids  every 2 to 3 hour (each time for about 10 minutes) can significantly reduced the swelling. Depending on the extent of the procedure, the swellings may take one week to a few weeks to subside.
This patient (see pictures below) had excess upper eyelid skin and eyebags. She had excision of the excesss upper eyelid skin and fat and extended lower eyelid surgery. Because of the extent of the procedure, there was significant swellings the next day causing asymmetry of the eyelids. With cold compress, the swellings and hence the asymmetry improved after one week and continued to do so with time.
a. Before the operation;
b. 24 hours post-operation;
c. one week post-operation and
d. two weeks post-operation.

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