Friday, January 20, 2012

A Woman with a Left Droopy Eyelid and Foreign Body Sensation

This woman underwent a suture technique for double eyelid surgery a year ago in a beauty centre.  For the past three months, she has been experiencing pain in the left eye with foreign body sensation. Unfortunately, the person who did her operation could not be contacted as she had since left the country.On examination, her left eyelid was slightly droopy and the eye was red. Everting the eyelid revealed a raw area with poorly placed suture which had eroded through the inside of the eyelid. The suture was removed with a pair of forcep and the symptom disappeared. Most of the suture technique performed by qualified surgeon rarely erode through the skin. However, most of the beauty centres  bring in unqualified personnels from oversea to perform the procedures. Worst still, these personnels could not be contacted when complication arises. 

Left droopy eyelid and foreign body sensation.

Raw area under the eyelid with protruding
stitch (arrowed).

Stitch removed.

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