Friday, June 10, 2011

Asians Having Double Eyelids Wants to Appear Like Westerner ?

I am constantly amazed by some fanatic Asian Americans who think that having double eyelid surgery is a betray to the racial origins of the patients and some even label such surgery as a form of "ethnic cleansing". They often post news articles wih derogatory titles like Plastic surgery boom as Asians seek 'western' look (by Kyung Lah, CNN).   This kind of dogmatic thinking is as wrong as assuming Westerners going for sun tan in order to look like Africans!

For the purpose of illustrations, lets look at these three groups of women (see below). The first group is Chinese women with single eyelids, the second Chinese women with double eyelids and the third Western women with double eyelids. Correct me if I were wrong, I don't think those Chinese women with double eyelids look anything like the Western women who have deeper eye sockets and more prominent noses.

Chinese with single eyelids.

Chinese with double eyelids.

Western women with double eyelids.

Otherwise, Hollywood movies would have their Western stars replaced by thousands of Chinese who have had double eyelid surgery.

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