Monday, April 4, 2011

Doctor, how can my excess upper eyelid skin be removed?

Excess upper eyelid skin or medically known as dermatochalasis is a common ageing process seen in most patients over 40 years of age. The condition can give the patients a tired look and if severe can interfere with one's vision. There are 4 ways to address this problem as shown below:

 The arrows point to the excess upper eyelid skin that droop over 
the eyes and cover the double eyelids making the patient 
appears tired.

The above pictures show the 4 ways of treating this problem. Method a and b do not remove the excess skin but instead lift up the eyebrows which in turn lift up the excess skin. Method c and d. work by removing the excess skin. Method a is known as the coronal forehead lift which has the advantage of not leaving scar in the forehead as it is hidden by the hairline. Method b is direct brow lift in which the skin above the eyebrow is excised which would leave a scar but concealable by the upper border of the eyebrow if done well. Method c is infrobrow excision in which excess skin below the eyebrow is excised which would leave a scar but concealable by the lower border of the eyebrow. Method d is the most commonly performed procedure in which the excess skin above the double eyelid is excised and the resulting scar forms the double eyelid.

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