Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Doctor, could you lift my eyelids by cutting the skin just below the eyebrows?

Recently, I receive an increase in demand for infrabrow excision to treat excess upper eyelid skin. The requests appear to stem from an increase of infrabrow excision performed by unlicensed doctors from China who perform these procedures in some beauty centres. The procedure involves removing the skin just below the eyebrows to lift the excess upper eyelid skin.

Infrabrow excision for excess upper eyelid skin.

A patient undergoing infrabrow excision.
The scars are prominent without make-up.

This procedure is easier to performed than the traditional upper eyelid blepharoplasty; has less postoperative swellings and does not significantly change the facial appearance. However, it  has several disadvantages:

a. the recurrence rate of excess skin drooping over the eyes is higher because there was no barrier from the skin crease (double eyelid) which stop the skin from the lid margin.

b. the scar can be prominent because the cut is through the part of eyelid which has thicker skin. Consequently, the procedure is indicated mainly for female patients as any scarring can be covered with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow embroidery.

Pictures of before (above) and after (below) infrabrow excision.
The scars have been covered with drawing of the new eyebrows.

Before and after infrabrow excision. The scars are prominent
without make-up.

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