Friday, March 18, 2011

3 Must Know Steps before Eyelid Surgery - Step 2

The second step is to make sure that the person who is operating on you is a registered doctor otherwise he or she is operating illegally in Malaysia. Should anything occur you will not be covered.

 If the person who operate on you is not registered to practice 
you are not covered should anything goes wrong.

All practicing doctors must register with the Malaysian Medical 
Council or they are practicing illegally in Malaysia and liable to 
persecution under the Malaysian laws. If you want to verify the person 
who is going to operate on you, you can visit the Malaysian Medical
Council website to find out if he or she is really a doctor. 

 As an example, I type my name and the site will show the
medical school I graduated from and where I practice.

All eyelid surgery are invasive procedures and should be performed 
under hygienic conditions to avoid infection. The top picture shows 
a sterile theatre where the procedure should be done. The lower 
picture shows a beauty saloon which should not be used to 
perform invasive eyelid surgery. In addition, centres without 
proper hygienic environment run the risk to transferring 
infections such as hepatitis B or AIDS between patients.

 The above patients had had poor double eyelid surgery performed 
by illegal personnel. The persons who perform the procedures 
deny responsiblities or could not be contacted.

Fillers are gaining popularity in Malaysian. Unfortunately, instead 
of injecting tested and harmless fillers, some unscrupulous centres 
inject their patients with silicone resulting in facial distortion. 

Injected silicone enlarge progressively resulting in firm masses. 
They are often difficult and expensive to remove (see arrows).

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