Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ptosis may present as multiple and indistinct double eyelids

Although patients with ptosis usually complain of droopy eyelids or tired looking eyes, some may present with multiple skin creases (double eyelids, red arrow) or sunken upper eyelid (sunken sulcus, blue arrow). It is important for doctors to detect Ptosis in such patients otherwise double eyelid surgery or filler injection may exacerbate the ptosis. This patient who was a contact lens wearer complained her natural double eyelids (skin creases) were faints and multiple (top picture). She asked for double eyelid surgery. However, examination showed she had bilateral ptosis and creation of double eyelids would only make the eyes more droopy and tired (middle photo). Posterior approach ptosis correction was done and the patient was happy that she looked more alert and the multiple skin creases and sunken sulcus were also corrected (bottom picture taken one week after ptosis correction).

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