Friday, November 14, 2014

Doctor, I have swollen eyebrow!

This 65 year-old woman presented with a rapidly expanding lesion of the right medial eyebrow and swelling of the lymph nodes over the right jaw. The swelling first started 6 months ago. She was otherwise in good health. Examination revealed a non-reducible, non-tender and fixed mass. A CT scan shows no extension into the brain or the orbit. To avoid creating obvious scar, I perform the incision along the eyebrow with some medial extension. 

Right medial eyebrow sweling of 6-month duration.

Incision made along the eyebrow and the lesion removed completely.

Patient returned one week later for suture removal.

The lesion was sent in totality and sent for histopathology. I was expecting the lesion to show evidence of lymphoma but instead the report read chronic inflammtory changes consistent with a condition termed "Kimura's disease". As the patient was asymptomatic except for some swollen lymph nodes which are small in sizes, no treatment was needed but the patient was asked to return for regular review. 

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