Monday, September 16, 2013

More on Small Incision Technique for Double Eyelid Surgery

Small incision technique combined the advantages of the techniques of full length double eyelid surgery and suture technique. Because the incision is small the down time is shorter than the full length technique and the removal of fat and direct suture of the orbicularis to the levator muscle (or tarsal plate) make the technique more lasting than the suture technique. The photos here are another perioperative views of the technique.
The photos in order show: a. preoperative view; b. skin incision; c. removal of the orbicularis; d. removal of the orbital septum; e. prolapsing the orbital fat; f. clamping and fat removal; g. checking the levator is free of fat; h. suture of the orbicularis to the levator; I. suture of the skin to levator to skin and j. at the conclusion of the operation. 

Anatomy during small incision procedure: a. orbicularis muscle;
 b. orbital spetum and c. orbital fat.

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