Saturday, December 1, 2012

Complications of Tear Trough Treatment I

Patients with tear troughs can be managed non-surgically with filler injection. The commonly used fillers are autologous fat and hyaluronic acid.

Tear trough (arrowed) was treated
with hyaluronic acid injection.
Unfortunately, some patients went to unlicensed personnels for dangerous fillers such as liquid silicone. Initially, the injections give dramatic and aesthetic improvement. However, over time, most of these patients develop complications such as foreign-body reactions, nodule formation, ulcerations, chronic cellulitis, and distant migration of the material. Patients not only suffer from facial deformity but also have psychological embarrassment with withdrawal behaviors. Treatment is fought with difficulties because the injected materials are diffusedly integrated into the facial tissue and radical resection is often needed leaving unsightly scars. Therefore, patients should go to licensed medical personnels for safe injections or live to regard their decisions.

Progressive swelligns of the lower eyelids two years
after silicone injection. Procedure done by a beautician.

Silicone migration causing asymmetry of the face.
Procedure done in a beauty saloon.

Progressive skin thickening and deformation and
chin elongation five years after silicone injection.
Patient had multiple silicone injections
in a beauty saloon.




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