Monday, April 9, 2012

Doc, My Child has this Swelling Since Birth !

In the previous blog, the patient presented with an inflammed orbital cyst in adulthood. However, most cases are brought to the attention of ophthalmologists because of parental concern.
Below was a typical case in a 3 year-old boy. The cyst presented as a slow-growing, painless, subcutaneous mass. Intense inflammation may occur if the cyst ruptures spontaneously or because of trauma. Excision resulted in complete resolution.

Swellling of the left upper eyelid below the eyebrow.
Feature typical of an orbital dermoid.

Marking was done below the eyebrow to hide
the scar.

Incision was made below the eyebrow.

The dermoid was exposed via blunt dissection.

The cyst was removed intact to avoid leaving behind
any remnants which may cause inflammation.

The cyst measured 1.5cm in diameter.

Cheesy content inside the cyst.

The wound was closed with 6/0 vicryl.

Appearance at 6 days post-operative, the scar will fade
with time and become inconspicuous as it is hidden
by the eyebrow.


  1. Dear Prof Dr Chua,
    Hi, I'm a final posting HO interested in Ophthalmology.
    I would like to enquire regarding the post-grad opportunity in ophthal? Is there any foreign exam that I can take in Malaysia other than Master program?
    Thanks and sorry for posting this a this section.


  2. I've read all the posts on your blog, nice blogging! Keep on updating :)

    (this is one of your posts in January 2011, the eye in the first picture is really nice,perhaps the nicest among all the others. You wrote there it was done using suture method)

    I'm wondering can incision method provide the same effect too? :)