Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Doctor, Can You Restore my Double Eyelids?

Revisional Asian blepharoplasty is the term used if a second operation is needed after the initial double eyelid surgery. There are many reasons for revisional Asian blepharoplasty and one of the most common reasons is to restore a double eyelid that disappears. As I mentioned in the previous blog, the disappearance of double eyelid is usually caused by loosening of attachment of the skin to the underlying levator (the muscle that open the eye) so the revision involves restoring this attachment. Depending on the presence of scar tissue, excess skin or puffiness (from inadequate fat removal), the revision can be performed with either a suture technique or incision technique. If there were no excess skin or puffiness of the eyelid, I usually use the suture technique to restore the double eyelid as it has shorter down time. Otherwise, an incision technique is needed to either remove the excess skin to give a more youthful appearance or underlying fatty tissue to allow a better adhesion between the skin and the underlying muscle.

A double eyelid restored with suture technique. There was
no puffiness or excess skin in this eye.

Another double eyelid restored with suture technique. Again,
the eye is suitable for suture technique as there is no excess
skin or puffiness.

This patient had scar tissue, excess skin and multiple folds.
An incision technique was used to restore the double eyelid.
The picutre on the right shows the result second day

This patient had had suture technique done for double eyelids twice
in a beauty saloon. Examination revealed excess skin and puffiness,
she underwent revisional Asian blepharoplasty using
the incision technique.

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