Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Result of the Child who Could not Close her Eyelid as a Result of Scarring from Shingles.

This child was followed up in another town nearer to her remote village 9 days after the reconstruction. She is now able to shut her eye and the eye is not constantly red anymore. She needs regular follow-up in case the wound contracts taking her back to the beginning. Her mother is advised to applied antibiotic and steroid cream regularly to prevent excessive scarring. I will continue to post her progress in future blog.

 Severe scarring from shingle resulting in failure
to close the left eye.

One day post-operation.
9 days after the surgery. The wound still appears raw 
but the contracture has been released. The corneal
scarring has also very much improved.

Lid closure is now normal but it is important to keep a close 
eye on the wound in case severe contracture recurs.

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  1. it will be perfect if she go for erbium yag or fractional co2 resurfacing.