Friday, December 3, 2010

Why Do Double Eyelids Make the Eyes Bigger? Part 1

One of the reasons where people desire double eyelids is to make theis eyes appear bigger. In my clinic, I often see young patients who complain that one eye is smaller than the other. In about 10% of these patients, the apparent difference in size is the result of unequal double eyelids rather than because the eyelid muscle is weak (ptosis). The smaller eye is always the one that does not have double eyelid or only weakly formed double eyelids.

Right eye appears smaller caused by absent double eyelid.

Right eye is smaller because the double eyelid is poorly formed.

Left eye is smaller because of absent double eyelid. 
This patient has had suture technique for double eyelid
elsewhere which left him with a small right double eyelid but
 the left double eyelid disappear 6 months after the procdure. 

The right eye is smaller because of absent double eyelid.
The left eye has a double eyelid which is partially covered by
the eyelid skin even than it makes the eye bigger than one
without double eyelid at all.

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