Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Exreme Make-over: Westernization of Eyelids and Nose.

This young Japanese man in his attempt to look Caucasian underwent extreme facial makeover. He had double eyelid surgery with epicanthoplasty (in which a skin fold of the upper eyelid covering the inner corner of the eye is removed). In addition, he had a nose implant to make his nose taller and straighter and bone implant on his forehead to make his the eye sockets appear deeper. At first glance, he may appear like an unremarkable Caucasian, a closer shows the nose to be too rigid and unnatural.

Pre and post facial make-over.

It would be interesting to know how he gets on in Japanese society with his new look. Personally, I think the only benefit for him to acquire this look would be if he lived in Hawaii during the Pearl Harbour attack so that he would not be sent to the Concentration Camp by the US Government. And he would only succeed in his disguise if he also pretended to be dumb otherwise the moment he opens his mouth, his Japanese accent would betray him!


  1. What is wrong with you? The mockery of Pearl Harbour and concentration camp just because one Japanese person changed his Asian appearance to more Caucasian? About the surgeries--while I don't agree that more Caucasian = better looking, the results are pretty remarkable in terms of the doctor's skill. But you trying to sound witty but instead coming off as ignorant and hateful is what prompted me to write a comment. Can't believe you're a doctor.

  2. wow. I can't believe this immature comment actually came from a plastic surgeon

  3. Awesome eyelid surgery I've ever seen ��..... I wonder how much money he had to spend on his extreme make-over .. :(

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