Friday, August 12, 2016

Doc, Can You Straighten My Eye? I

This middle-aged woman was involved in a road traffic accident 3 years ago resulting in trauma to the left eye. She underwent removal of the lens and blood from the back of the eye. The left eye had poor vision of hand movement and she was very much bothered by the position of the left eye which is constantly inward turning (convergent squint or esotropia). Squint surgery was performed by operating on the horizontal muscles that move the eye. The operation was done under local anaesthesia (using peribular and subtenon anaesthesia) with sedation. 

Left eye turning in caused by trauma.

Close-up view showing malpositioned pupil and absent lens. 
The macula is also damaged.

The muscles of the left eye were operated on to straighten the eyes. In this patient,
the medial rectus was moved back 7 mm and 8 mm of muscle was excised from the
lateral rectus.

The appearance of the left eye at one-day post-oprative. 
The left eye had been straightened.

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