Sunday, August 25, 2013

Evolution of the Lower Lid Surgery V

There are two main ways of addressing the tear troughs. The non-surgical and surgical ways. The non-surgical ways involve the injection of substances (fillers) into the groove to pump up the depression. The substances used may be fat or hyaluronic acid (such as restylane). It is important to seek qualified doctors for such injections as some unscrupulous personnel are known to inject silicone in beauty centres resulting in disfigurement for the patients.
Patient undergoing hyaluronic injection for the tear troughs.
The picture below show the immediate effect of the injection.

This patient complains of swollen lower eyelids one year after silicone injection.
Unlike fat or hyaluronic acid, silicone is not absorbed by the body and
very often causes tissue swelling and hardness due to inflammation.
The inflammation occurs slowly but relentlessly.

Injection of fillers can reduce or smooth out the tear troughs and make the face appear youthful. Unfortunately, the results are not lasting as the body will absorb the fillers and further injections will be needed usually after one year.


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