Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What Are the Causes of Eyebags?

I often receive phone calls and emails enquiring eyebag treatments, however, without seeing the patients it is difficult to ascertain what the patients mean by "eyebags". The patients' perception of eyebags may be one or a combination of the following things: loose skin, hypertrophy of eyelid muscle, fat pockets, tear trough, fluid retention to descends of the midface. Therefore, no single anatomic structure can explain eyebags and it is important for the patients to be assessed thoroughly by the surgeon face to face.
The following pictures show pictures of patients presenting with "eyebags":
Eyebags contributed by a = muscles of the eyelid;
b = prolapsed fat and c = tear trough.

Eyebags from tear troughs.

Protruding fats and tear troughs.

Loose skin and descent of the midface.

Protruding fats

Protruding fats and descent of the midface.

Right eye has prominent eyelid muscle
 and the left protruding fat.

Midface descent with protruding fats
and swollen skin on the cheeks (festoons; arrowed)

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