Friday, October 29, 2010

Eyelid problem is not unique to human being.

The 5 eyelid operations went well today and finished before 12:00 noon so I had plenty of time to surf the web for up-to-date articles on eyelid surgery. One interesting news caught my eye about a breed of dog with its origin in China called Shar-Pei (沙皮 or sandy skin in Chinese).

This dog has numerous wrinkles which make them look cute or ugly depending on the beholders. As the dog was regarded as rare and when it was introduced to the US, interbreeding was rift to satisfy the demands. The rushed breeding resulted in many health problems and one which was excessive loose skin and wrinkles in the upper eyelids of the dog causing entropions (inturning of the eyelids). The inturned eyelids cause the eyelashes to rub on the eyes giving rise to painful eye conditions and unless treated the dogs would go blind. One of the unfortunate victim of this breeding is Molly, a female puppy born in the UK. Molly was unable to open her eyes because of entropion, fortunately her sight was restored by vet following two operations to remove the offending skin and stitch it to the back of her head. The pictures below show the pictures before and after the operation.

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